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blog http://blog.avgindia.in AVG - trustworthy partner in your e-life! Tue, 05 Aug 2014 10:01:21 +0000 en-US hourly 1 http://wordpress.org/?v=3.7.1 Ways to Pep up the Performance of your Android Phone http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=82 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=82#comments Tue, 05 Aug 2014 10:01:21 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=82 You do not have to be downtrodden if the performance of your Android smartphone has started to sag. You can resort to few steps that will help you restore your phone to top working condition. Performance lag could be combated with regularly updating those apps which are problematic and managing the system resources smartly. The first step that you can take in this direction is by buying antivirus for Android mobile.

Kill Unnecessary Apps

You may like to show your phone off to others for its multi-tasking capabilities across numerous applications; but you really do not need the YouTube app to waste your battery life and your memory resources when it runs even in the background. An Advanced Task Killer app could take care of this; it will close down unnecessary apps completely.

Keep the Phone Apps up to date

It is not always the phone’s operating system that makes you cry. If some app is slowing down your smartphone, you can look for some updates in the Android Market. You can do that by launching the `Android Market’; then, tap the Menu Button, select `My Apps’. Check each application for its updates on the right side. You could also turn the background data off. It is not only the apps that are run in the background; Facebook and Twitter are also constantly downloading data and when you launch them, it is easy to stop that. Ou can open up the Settings app on the phone; click on Data Manager and de-select `Background Data’.

Knock off the Google Services

An Android operating system will include access to Google Services automatically like Books, Contacts, Currents, Google+ and Gmail. If you do not require these services, you can manage them and turn them off.

Defragment the Phone’s Memory

The internal RAM of the Android phone gets a boost in its performance after defragmentation, just like your personal computer. An app in the Android Market known as Memory Booster will defragment the RAM. It will also repair the data leaks that may have resulted from those apps which were damaged. One of the best ways to make sure that the apps do not get damaged is to protect them and your Android phone with AVG antivirus 2014.

AVG Tune up and Android Cleaner

AVG’s Android Cleaner will help you get rid of all unnecessary apps that you have not used in the last fortnight. The `Tune up app will ensure that all remaining tasks are closed before the tests are done on the performance and battery life. The Power Saver feature of AVG also offers various options to improve the battery life by turning off the auto-sync, auto-rotation, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition to all these tools, the most important protection is by AVG antivirus for Android and smartphone.

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How can the Bitcoins be kept safe? http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=79 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=79#comments Sun, 03 Aug 2014 09:51:50 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=79 There have been suggestions that it may be a safe option to print the bitcoins. Many enthusiasts have been flustered by the implosion of the bitcoin exchange.

Bitcoin was generated to provide an unspecified and a digital kind of currency which would be free from the control of governments or a physical reality. Once the exchange imploded, millions of dollars of the money invested was destroyed and experts in crypto-currency started cautioning that it may not be safe now to have the money stored digitally even if you buy pc antivirus. They also added that bitcoin would become a little more secure if the zeros and ones were converted into paper.

Keeping the Private Key Offline and Safe

When you open a bitcoin account on an exchange online, it is very much similar to opening a brokerage account in a country like Ethiopia. But the biggest supporters of this concept have also suggested that if you print away the private key from the bitcoin collection and put it into paper form, tucking it safely in your house safe is a good way to secure it. Many experts have backed up this idea of saving the bitcoin private key on to a thumb drive and keeping it offline.  They feel that it is not safe to keep the secret number, which allows the spending of bit-coins, available online despite antivirus for pc in India. If you keep it online and if, by chance, your website is hacked and the bitcoins are stolen, it is almost impossible to recover them.

Cold Storage Services

Some companies are providing cold storage services that can keep the secret key of your bitcoins in a physical location, much like a bank safe. These companies may charge an annual fee of two per cent of the total value. They keep the secret key in a bank vault offline, offering the same kind of protection that people can expect from their physical banks. These companies are not controlled or regulated by the financial services businesses but they are covered by theft insurance.

AVG Community Powered Threat Report

These bitcoin private key safety procedures have been laid out in the community powered threat report taken out by AVG in the third quarter of last year. It will give details about how bitcoin wallets could be created. These wallets along with AVG antivirus 2014 are gaining popularity rapidly and are successful in keeping the digital thieves at bay.





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Improving the Speed of your Smartphone Android System http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=76 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=76#comments Fri, 01 Aug 2014 09:47:41 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=76 People have been living in the world of tablets and smartphones for the past few years and their possessions would equal the performance of erstwhile personal computers. Yet, one thing that has still not made their life so technologically advanced is the battery life of their smartphones. The batteries hardly make it through a day and as they keep installing new apps on their phones, the performance also becomes sluggish.

Factors affecting the Speed of the smartphones

The operating system of Android does its best to keep the apps frozen when they are not required but some of the apps will continuously be checking for latest updates like the Facebook app and the Weather app. They run in the background. This does have an impact on both the battery life and the performance based on the number of apps that are active and whether the developers of these apps have taken care of not making your device slow.

Switching between apps or launching and playing games can make the phone sluggish. Similarly, opening new tabs within a browser, typing text on the keyboard or watching videos can also make a smartphone slow down. Moreover, the 16 GB phones with their built-in memory can get quite full with the temporary files and browser caches and other junk files that are generated over a period of time.

AVG Solutions for improving Battery Life

The battery life of the smartphones can be revitalized with AVG apps such as Cleaner and Uninstaller. The speed of a smartphone and its battery life are always a crucial issue to the owner. The phones are getting bogged down by hardware features like Bluetooth, Near Field Communication and LED screen usage that keep them busy. One of the proactive solutions apart from the tools is AVG antivirus for Android and smartphone.

  • AVG Cleaner – it will give the user greater control over the smartphone device from a single interface unit and its latest features will enable the users to get rid of all unwanted apps that are not being used, leaving more room for space for important things that really matter. This Cleaner will be able to arrange the apps on your smartphone in three different styles, making it easy for you to choose which app to retain and which app to remove.

App Usage – This will show you all those apps that you have not been using for a long time. It will also get rid of apps that you may have entirely forgotten about and unintentionally, you may be slowing down your smartphone devices and losing valuable space on them.

Battery Usage – Cleaner 2.0 helps in the detection of those apps on Android that are power hungry and sap the very energy of the phone’s battery; this has an impact on the performance of the phone, too.

Data Usage – If you have got into the habit of crossing your data limit on a monthly basis on your 3G or 4G smartphone, this Cleaner 2.0 will indicate all those apps to you that are eating up the most cellular data and it also helps in easily removing them.

Storage Usage – The Cleaner app identifies the largest apps on your smartphone so that you can then free up the required space.

Antivirus for Android Mobile – This is possible through antivirus purchase online India.

So, by eliminating those apps which are running constantly, the performance of your smartphone will be greatly improved and its battery life would be saved as well to make room for the things that are important for you. AVG Cleaner will not compromise on the cleaning power. It helps the users to eliminate data which is wasteful at the mere touch of a button with an auto-cleaning mechanism that takes care of cache, calls, history and message cleaning features.




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AVG WebTune Up for the latest threats http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=71 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=71#comments Wed, 02 Jul 2014 10:23:24 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=71 Security vulnerabilities of the internet give plenty of opportunities to unscrupulous elements with brains to insert malicious softwares that have the potential of wreaking havoc.  There is thus a requirement to be aware of the lurking dangers; the best policy for safety being to avoid sites that lead you onto viruses. And just in case you have fallen victim; to know how to reduce or mitigate the resultant effects. One of the most trusted names in the game continues to be AVG; coming across as the best anti- virus for 2014.

Watch your back

Being aware is like being half prepared, thus watch your back for:

  • ‘Heart bleed’ that aims at exploiting vulnerabilities in open SSL encryption software and took net users by surprise by touting a bleeding heart as its logo. Once secret keys are unearthed, you lose protection for user names, passwords and your data. Attackers then have a field day with your communications and can even impersonate you for fraud.
  •  The ‘CCS Injection’ is even worse for open SSL software as it enables interception of encrypted data and de-crypt the same. It hits both, the server and its clients. A hacker can thus keep tables on your actions and use the same for mischief.

Taking the lead

AVG anti-virus    has taken the lead in educating   users to know whether the sites they routinely visit, are safe or not. This has been accomplished by introducing   a banner that warns you about possible threats like the ones mentioned above. This AVG Web Tune Up feature keeps you protected and helps maintain privacy and confidentiality by enabling removal of your browsing history after your are done with a  session. Wouldn’t you feel supported if this tool scans the site you are going to enter and comes up with warnings to tell you whether it is ‘Safe’, ‘Risky’ or outright dangerous to continue.

Visit AVG now to explore the array of anti-virus packages.





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Data Backup- Importance and Tips http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=69 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=69#comments Mon, 30 Jun 2014 05:59:06 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=69 Today, life is a lot about collection, collation and storage of data. Everyone from governments, financial institutions, businesses, individuals and even children deal in huge amounts of data routinely and pretty efficiently. India too has become a leading user of the computer and the internet but most users sadly omit the cardinal rule of backing up the results of their sweat and toil and quite often land up losing their treasure in a flash when things go horribly wrong.   Before you think of anything else, be aware that a fully functional protection against deadly malicious softwares is essential and getting this is simple as one can buy anti-virus software download online.

The all- important data

AVG;  the reliable player that it is has taken it upon itself to bring about a change in this careless habit by making simple recommendations on how best to back-up your precious data. As you read on, you will know exactly how one should go about it systematically and will perhaps   also rue as to why you did not buy PC anti-virus earlier. Methodology recommended for backups   suggests the following:

  • The starting point must be that of creating a ‘Primary Back Up’ either on local media or in a safer, remote location. To do any of these however, you will need to invest in a detachable   storage device of considerable capacity.
  • The secondary and a more efficient method is of banking on ‘Cloud Storage’ that keeps data safe and snug in remote servers and is perhaps the only means of ensuring safety in cases of destructive catastrophes in a particular location. All you require for this is a high-speed and efficient internet connection and picking up from one of the many storage solutions doing the rounds.

Trusted aide

One can buy anti-virus online in India and AVG is a great ally. As you do so, get into the habit of following a systematic back-up plan for the bits and bytes of information you cherish. Visit www.avgindia.in now!



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Introducing AVG Cleaner, for Android http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=67 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=67#comments Fri, 27 Jun 2014 07:51:22 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=67 Smart phones have literally taken the world by storm by the sheer quality of experience they provide. There are so many apps to choose from that many a time one tends to get caught up in a wrangle wishing that there was a simple method of separating chaff from the stuff you really use. Like traditional computers, mobile phones too are vulnerable to virus attacks. So those who are proud owners of one of these fancy and expensive gadgets must also invest in AVG anti-virus for Android to stay protected.

Complexities removed

Trust AVG to come up with yet another innovative product for enhancing the performance of Androids. Christened the AVG Cleaner for Android, this combines the best of the AVG Uninstaller and Cleaner to let you remove apps you do not need with ease thus creating more breathing space for your gadget. In tandem with AVG Zen, this allows you to keep tables on your device from any location.

The best bet

AVG undoubtedly offers one of   the best anti-viruses for android mobile and the company has broken further ground by introducing tools like the AVG Cleaner version 2.0 that helps you monitor:

  • Apps not in routine usage which can then be uninstalled thus creating more space.
  • Identifying apps that consume more battery power and could be removed.
  • Highlighting Apps that take up most of your data limits.
  • Help identify those taking up greater space.

There is no doing away with this new powerful tool and one must visit AVG, to get a closer look at its features. Download the app free and empower yourself with the capability of enhancing the performance of your smart phone. Make your smart gadget smarter by improving its efficiency and get rid of worries related to data that continues to get consumed on the quiet because of the apps that run in the background.


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What You Need to Know About Mobile Security http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=63 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=63#comments Thu, 20 Mar 2014 05:56:48 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=63 Just like your PC can be infected by viruses and spyware, there are a variety of security threats that can affect mobile devices too. These threats can be divided into:

  • Application Based threats such as Malware, Spyware and Privacy threats.
  • Web-based threats such as Phishing scams, Downloads and Browser exploits
  • Network threats such as Network exploits and Wi-Fi sniffing
  • Physical threats which includes lost or stolen phones

Therefore, it is essential to have a good security system in hand and take proper steps to protect mobile devices from these harmful threats.

We share with you some useful tips to help you keep your mobile safe and secure:

1) Banking Apps: If you use an online banking app, then make sure to use the official app offered by your bank. Also you should download the banking app only from the official app stores and not from any unknown sources, as that could make your mobile more prone to threat by hackers.

2) Emails and SMS messages: Avoid clicking on suspicious links in email or SMS. It is a rule that you should not respond to any unsolicited message you receive on your phone. And always remember that your bank will never send you a message which asks for your personal PIN number or password.

3) Passwords: Always make sure to set up a strong password or PIN to protect your phone from being accessed by someone else.

4) Avoid Public Wi-Fi Networks: As far as possible, you should try to avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, especially for making transactions via online banking, which involve risks.

5) Antivirus: This is the most important step to make sure that your phone is always protected. Download AVG antivirus software for your Smartphone. It is the best antivirus for android mobile.

Turn to AVG to be ensured of complete protection and security for all your devices. Visit www.avgindia.in now!

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AVG Zen- To Be In Complete Control of Your Online Privacy http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=61 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=61#comments Wed, 19 Mar 2014 06:12:20 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=61 Online security has become very important thing to consider in our daily lives. It is because of our heightened connection to the internet and social networks. Our private data today is easily accessible by people and organisations you might not know of. About 4 zeta-bytes of data are held on the internet now. This huge data comes from our love to create, share, and enjoy videos, pictures and games etc. This increased social activity results in our private information to be shared with others, often unknowingly. So this is where the question arises of our online privacy. Who keeps this data and where is it stored and more importantly who can you trust with all this information.

AVG Zen- The tool that gives the control back to you

AVG, the makers of best internet security antivirus have come up with a product to safeguard your private data. AVG Zen would connect all our devices- the desktop, mobile phones and tablets in a single tap of the button. The product would act as a single platform through which all devices and data could be seamlessly managed.

Zen does not intend to tell the users that sharing is bad and should be avoided. On the contrary, Zen aims at educating the customers about the different privacy settings and how it may affect their online privacy. In addition AVG Antivirus would arm the customers with the tools to take control of their privacy setting and alter it whichever way they see it fit.

All the social media profiles you have would be connected to Zen. Simple colour-coded indicators based on traffic lights system will tell you about the different settings. You can change the settings of Facebook, Twitter or other social media by clicking a button on Zen, which would then take you to the settings page of that particular social media page. Zen also makes AVG the best antivirus for android mobile available in the market today.

Visit www.avgindia.in now for further information about the product.

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Which Version of Antivirus is right for me? http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=57 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=57#comments Tue, 25 Feb 2014 05:25:26 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=57 AVG antivirus for PC in India is one of the most powerful as well as popular security tools available. AVG is well known for providing the most advanced antivirus that offers enhanced protection. The company recently launched its antivirus for 2014 in India which the users can get in 3 different product packages- AVG Antivirus FREE 2014, AVG Antivirus 2014, and AVG Internet Security 2014. In this article, we shall see which one is the best suited to your needs.

AVG Antivirus FREE 2014

It is the most basic level of protection that the company offers for absolutely free to the users. In spite of being free, the antivirus itself is very robust and capable of keeping most threats at bay. The technology used in the antivirus is sophisticated and state of the art. The Free version blocks all viruses, spyware and malwares and updates its virus definitions regularly to keep you secure from new threats. The trademark Link protection feature is also available which scans the web for any potential threats. In addition to it, the File Shredder is also included in the package. The free version of the antivirus is best for users who do not carry out a lot of web and online activity on their computers and looking for a bare minimum yet effective protection.

AVG Antivirus 2014

This is the paid version of the antivirus that the company provides for a low annual subscription fee of Rs. 499 for 1 computer. In addition to the tools in free version, the users also get an online shield and Data Safe. Online Shield protects you from harmful downloads by scanning them before they are downloaded. Data Safe encrypts and password-protects your private files to keep them invisible from prying eyes. It is ideal for users who spend a lot of time on the internet and are exposed to the threats and viruses from the various malicious websites.

AVG Internet Security 2014

It is the safest and most secure level of protection that the company offers. In addition to the tools mentioned above, there is a firewall and an anti-spam tool that enhances security and stops scammers. If you happen to do a lot of online shopping and banking, it is highly recommended that you use Internet Security 2014. The product is running a limited period exclusive offer where you can download antivirus for pc at Rs. 799 and get the PC TuneUp worth Rs. 799 absolutely free. If you choose to buy a 2 year licence you would also get 3 years validity under another offer. Visit www.avgindia.in now!

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How to Save Yourself from Phishing http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=55 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=55#comments Mon, 24 Feb 2014 05:48:43 +0000 http://blog.avgindia.in/?p=55 Phishing has been a rather common scam on the World Wide Web through which hackers and fraudulent websites try to steal your personal details. Usually these hackers and suspicious websites impersonate as a popular website and try to lure you into revealing details which may be passwords to these accounts or even your bank account details, through which they can cause serious harm to you. It is thus essential for you to be aware of such dangers and take necessary precautions, one of which is to download antivirus for pc.

Check the URL Carefully

Most phishing websites try and impersonate popular websites which one frequently visits. They do so with their URL resembling that of the popular website with just an alphabet here or there. They would then have a login page closely resembling that of the actual webpage and ask you to put in your login information. After you unsuspectingly provide them the information, you can only imagine the extent of damage they can cause. One example of such a phishing website is itwitier.com/login which one may mistake for the popular website twitter.com. Therefore it is essential that you type in the URL carefully in the address bar or pay close attention to any links when clicking them. Using best internet security antivirus can also protect you, which we shall discuss later.


HTTPS websites are those that are using encryption. Phishing websites do not use encryption as it stops them from viewing what you do on a website. Checking for HTTPS is another way of making sure that you are not being duped.

Use Antivirus

The best protection from phishing can be obtained from the use of AVG antivirus 2014. AVG automatically blocks the suspicious content on the internet and blocks these phishing websites from being launched in your browser all together. It also prevents redirects to such phishing websites from a safe webpage, thus offering maximum protection. So go ahead and buy pc antivirus to keep yourself safe from phishing.

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