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21 January 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Is Your Business Safe from Email Attacks and Hackers?

Most people regard email as the best form of communication, whether on a personal front or on a business level. While it’s a quick and the easiest way to deliver a message, you put yourself at a risk of being a target to hackers. Getting bombarded with spam is a common thing these days, but the worst case scenario could be when you become a victim of identity theft or financial fraud. As for a business owner, this could extremely damage your business reputation. It’s always a smarter decision to be one step ahead of the game. Here is a lowdown by which you can be sure that you and your employees use email safely at work. Our AVG Antivirus protects your business from being exposed to the dangerous world of cyber attackers. Here is a lowdown by which you can be sure that you and your employees use email safely at work.


To begin with, all staff must be made aware of the dangers lurking through email usage. They should be well-informed on the sort of things to look out for when they send or receive an email. They should also be advised to be extra cautious while emailing, and not forget to log off and avoid using email accounts on public computers.

Emails which ask for personal details, particularly bank account information, should be deleted immediately. Any email that asks for company information should be brought into special attention. Also set up spam filters on staff email accounts to automatically filter corrupt emails to a junk account and delete them.

Password protection

You should advice your staff on creating a difficult-to-decipher password which is less likely to be decoded by potential hackers. Also keep in mind not to use the same password more than once for online transactions or email accounts. Doing so gives extra security to an organization.

Encourage your staff to keep their passwords safe and never ever to disclose their passwords to third parties. More people getting to know the password can increase the chances of a malicious act from incurring.

Encryption software

Any company that sends confidential or sensitive information by email should have up to date encryption software installed. This prevents emails from being intercepted and read by any hackers in cyberspace. Install the best internet security antivirus for your business to make sure you are fully protected.

Avoid web-based email accounts

Ensure your business is protected by carefully choosing your email account provider and making sure they have the latest security software installed. A company should avoid using free web-based email providers for business purposes as these are easy targets for hackers.

Use digital signatures

If you send a confidential document via email then consider using a digital signature to sign it. Digital signature provides an extra security cover and makes it harder for the hackers to alter the email in any way.

Back up data

Get into the habit of backing up data from time to time, if you are hit by a cyber attack which leads to your software crashing down. Download antivirus for PC to protect your business and back up all your important data and emails.

AVG promises to keep your business from getting into wrong territory. So what are you waiting for? Visit now and take a look at the various Antivirus security solutions offered for your business.

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