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19 March 2014 ~ 0 Comments

AVG Zen- To Be In Complete Control of Your Online Privacy

Online security has become very important thing to consider in our daily lives. It is because of our heightened connection to the internet and social networks. Our private data today is easily accessible by people and organisations you might not know of. About 4 zeta-bytes of data are held on the internet now. This huge data comes from our love to create, share, and enjoy videos, pictures and games etc. This increased social activity results in our private information to be shared with others, often unknowingly. So this is where the question arises of our online privacy. Who keeps this data and where is it stored and more importantly who can you trust with all this information.

AVG Zen- The tool that gives the control back to you

AVG, the makers of best internet security antivirus have come up with a product to safeguard your private data. AVG Zen would connect all our devices- the desktop, mobile phones and tablets in a single tap of the button. The product would act as a single platform through which all devices and data could be seamlessly managed.

Zen does not intend to tell the users that sharing is bad and should be avoided. On the contrary, Zen aims at educating the customers about the different privacy settings and how it may affect their online privacy. In addition AVG Antivirus would arm the customers with the tools to take control of their privacy setting and alter it whichever way they see it fit.

All the social media profiles you have would be connected to Zen. Simple colour-coded indicators based on traffic lights system will tell you about the different settings. You can change the settings of Facebook, Twitter or other social media by clicking a button on Zen, which would then take you to the settings page of that particular social media page. Zen also makes AVG the best antivirus for android mobile available in the market today.

Visit www.avgindia.in now for further information about the product.

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