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27 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Introducing AVG Cleaner, for Android

Smart phones have literally taken the world by storm by the sheer quality of experience they provide. There are so many apps to choose from that many a time one tends to get caught up in a wrangle wishing that there was a simple method of separating chaff from the stuff you really use. Like traditional computers, mobile phones too are vulnerable to virus attacks. So those who are proud owners of one of these fancy and expensive gadgets must also invest in AVG anti-virus for Android to stay protected.

Complexities removed

Trust AVG to come up with yet another innovative product for enhancing the performance of Androids. Christened the AVG Cleaner for Android, this combines the best of the AVG Uninstaller and Cleaner to let you remove apps you do not need with ease thus creating more breathing space for your gadget. In tandem with AVG Zen, this allows you to keep tables on your device from any location.

The best bet

AVG undoubtedly offers one of   the best anti-viruses for android mobile and the company has broken further ground by introducing tools like the AVG Cleaner version 2.0 that helps you monitor:

  • Apps not in routine usage which can then be uninstalled thus creating more space.
  • Identifying apps that consume more battery power and could be removed.
  • Highlighting Apps that take up most of your data limits.
  • Help identify those taking up greater space.

There is no doing away with this new powerful tool and one must visit AVG, to get a closer look at its features. Download the app free and empower yourself with the capability of enhancing the performance of your smart phone. Make your smart gadget smarter by improving its efficiency and get rid of worries related to data that continues to get consumed on the quiet because of the apps that run in the background.


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