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30 June 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Data Backup- Importance and Tips

Today, life is a lot about collection, collation and storage of data. Everyone from governments, financial institutions, businesses, individuals and even children deal in huge amounts of data routinely and pretty efficiently. India too has become a leading user of the computer and the internet but most users sadly omit the cardinal rule of backing up the results of their sweat and toil and quite often land up losing their treasure in a flash when things go horribly wrong.   Before you think of anything else, be aware that a fully functional protection against deadly malicious softwares is essential and getting this is simple as one can buy anti-virus software download online.

The all- important data

AVG;  the reliable player that it is has taken it upon itself to bring about a change in this careless habit by making simple recommendations on how best to back-up your precious data. As you read on, you will know exactly how one should go about it systematically and will perhaps   also rue as to why you did not buy PC anti-virus earlier. Methodology recommended for backups   suggests the following:

  • The starting point must be that of creating a ‘Primary Back Up’ either on local media or in a safer, remote location. To do any of these however, you will need to invest in a detachable   storage device of considerable capacity.
  • The secondary and a more efficient method is of banking on ‘Cloud Storage’ that keeps data safe and snug in remote servers and is perhaps the only means of ensuring safety in cases of destructive catastrophes in a particular location. All you require for this is a high-speed and efficient internet connection and picking up from one of the many storage solutions doing the rounds.

Trusted aide

One can buy anti-virus online in India and AVG is a great ally. As you do so, get into the habit of following a systematic back-up plan for the bits and bytes of information you cherish. Visit now!



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