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02 July 2014 ~ 0 Comments

AVG WebTune Up for the latest threats

Security vulnerabilities of the internet give plenty of opportunities to unscrupulous elements with brains to insert malicious softwares that have the potential of wreaking havoc.  There is thus a requirement to be aware of the lurking dangers; the best policy for safety being to avoid sites that lead you onto viruses. And just in case you have fallen victim; to know how to reduce or mitigate the resultant effects. One of the most trusted names in the game continues to be AVG; coming across as the best anti- virus for 2014.

Watch your back

Being aware is like being half prepared, thus watch your back for:

  • ‘Heart bleed’ that aims at exploiting vulnerabilities in open SSL encryption software and took net users by surprise by touting a bleeding heart as its logo. Once secret keys are unearthed, you lose protection for user names, passwords and your data. Attackers then have a field day with your communications and can even impersonate you for fraud.
  •  The ‘CCS Injection’ is even worse for open SSL software as it enables interception of encrypted data and de-crypt the same. It hits both, the server and its clients. A hacker can thus keep tables on your actions and use the same for mischief.

Taking the lead

AVG anti-virus    has taken the lead in educating   users to know whether the sites they routinely visit, are safe or not. This has been accomplished by introducing   a banner that warns you about possible threats like the ones mentioned above. This AVG Web Tune Up feature keeps you protected and helps maintain privacy and confidentiality by enabling removal of your browsing history after your are done with a  session. Wouldn’t you feel supported if this tool scans the site you are going to enter and comes up with warnings to tell you whether it is ‘Safe’, ‘Risky’ or outright dangerous to continue.

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