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01 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Improving the Speed of your Smartphone Android System

People have been living in the world of tablets and smartphones for the past few years and their possessions would equal the performance of erstwhile personal computers. Yet, one thing that has still not made their life so technologically advanced is the battery life of their smartphones. The batteries hardly make it through a day and as they keep installing new apps on their phones, the performance also becomes sluggish.

Factors affecting the Speed of the smartphones

The operating system of Android does its best to keep the apps frozen when they are not required but some of the apps will continuously be checking for latest updates like the Facebook app and the Weather app. They run in the background. This does have an impact on both the battery life and the performance based on the number of apps that are active and whether the developers of these apps have taken care of not making your device slow.

Switching between apps or launching and playing games can make the phone sluggish. Similarly, opening new tabs within a browser, typing text on the keyboard or watching videos can also make a smartphone slow down. Moreover, the 16 GB phones with their built-in memory can get quite full with the temporary files and browser caches and other junk files that are generated over a period of time.

AVG Solutions for improving Battery Life

The battery life of the smartphones can be revitalized with AVG apps such as Cleaner and Uninstaller. The speed of a smartphone and its battery life are always a crucial issue to the owner. The phones are getting bogged down by hardware features like Bluetooth, Near Field Communication and LED screen usage that keep them busy. One of the proactive solutions apart from the tools is AVG antivirus for Android and smartphone.

  • AVG Cleaner – it will give the user greater control over the smartphone device from a single interface unit and its latest features will enable the users to get rid of all unwanted apps that are not being used, leaving more room for space for important things that really matter. This Cleaner will be able to arrange the apps on your smartphone in three different styles, making it easy for you to choose which app to retain and which app to remove.

App Usage – This will show you all those apps that you have not been using for a long time. It will also get rid of apps that you may have entirely forgotten about and unintentionally, you may be slowing down your smartphone devices and losing valuable space on them.

Battery Usage – Cleaner 2.0 helps in the detection of those apps on Android that are power hungry and sap the very energy of the phone’s battery; this has an impact on the performance of the phone, too.

Data Usage – If you have got into the habit of crossing your data limit on a monthly basis on your 3G or 4G smartphone, this Cleaner 2.0 will indicate all those apps to you that are eating up the most cellular data and it also helps in easily removing them.

Storage Usage – The Cleaner app identifies the largest apps on your smartphone so that you can then free up the required space.

Antivirus for Android Mobile – This is possible through antivirus purchase online India.

So, by eliminating those apps which are running constantly, the performance of your smartphone will be greatly improved and its battery life would be saved as well to make room for the things that are important for you. AVG Cleaner will not compromise on the cleaning power. It helps the users to eliminate data which is wasteful at the mere touch of a button with an auto-cleaning mechanism that takes care of cache, calls, history and message cleaning features.




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