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05 August 2014 ~ 0 Comments

Ways to Pep up the Performance of your Android Phone

You do not have to be downtrodden if the performance of your Android smartphone has started to sag. You can resort to few steps that will help you restore your phone to top working condition. Performance lag could be combated with regularly updating those apps which are problematic and managing the system resources smartly. The first step that you can take in this direction is by buying antivirus for Android mobile.

Kill Unnecessary Apps

You may like to show your phone off to others for its multi-tasking capabilities across numerous applications; but you really do not need the YouTube app to waste your battery life and your memory resources when it runs even in the background. An Advanced Task Killer app could take care of this; it will close down unnecessary apps completely.

Keep the Phone Apps up to date

It is not always the phone’s operating system that makes you cry. If some app is slowing down your smartphone, you can look for some updates in the Android Market. You can do that by launching the `Android Market’; then, tap the Menu Button, select `My Apps’. Check each application for its updates on the right side. You could also turn the background data off. It is not only the apps that are run in the background; Facebook and Twitter are also constantly downloading data and when you launch them, it is easy to stop that. Ou can open up the Settings app on the phone; click on Data Manager and de-select `Background Data’.

Knock off the Google Services

An Android operating system will include access to Google Services automatically like Books, Contacts, Currents, Google+ and Gmail. If you do not require these services, you can manage them and turn them off.

Defragment the Phone’s Memory

The internal RAM of the Android phone gets a boost in its performance after defragmentation, just like your personal computer. An app in the Android Market known as Memory Booster will defragment the RAM. It will also repair the data leaks that may have resulted from those apps which were damaged. One of the best ways to make sure that the apps do not get damaged is to protect them and your Android phone with AVG antivirus 2014.

AVG Tune up and Android Cleaner

AVG’s Android Cleaner will help you get rid of all unnecessary apps that you have not used in the last fortnight. The `Tune up app will ensure that all remaining tasks are closed before the tests are done on the performance and battery life. The Power Saver feature of AVG also offers various options to improve the battery life by turning off the auto-sync, auto-rotation, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In addition to all these tools, the most important protection is by AVG antivirus for Android and smartphone.

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